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About Us
Kanni Consultants has steadily grown from a small excavating company begun in 2009, and came into one of the most experienced and respected providers of construction services. We have done 7 projects and we are marching forward with 8 projects. The construction is well designed by our great experienced architect Mr. Thomas Abraham. We are the licensed Surveyor in construction business in
Tuticorin. We give you a free consultation in building the project and is done by our well trained enormous talented Engineers Mr. K. Ponkarthikeyan and Mr. C. Karthikeyan.
We build your dream construction with excellent quality and we do the best with your hard savings. Our workers used to put hard effort in constructing the project. The reputation is founded on the integrity of our employees. Because conducting business with a strong sense of ethics and fairness is paramount to our continued success.
Kanni Consultants experience in this industry has challenged us to perform the most complex, schedule-sensitive projects in fully operational facilities without causing interruption to ongoing end-user service.Whether your project concerns water quality and quantity, the construction of new facilities or retrofitting existing operations with new technologies. • learn more
good construction in tuticorin
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